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Schola De Vita

General Objectives

  • To develop a character imbued with a deep and abiding faith in God.
  • To provide optimal learning thru a well-balanced educational program providing opportunities to develop the students’ intellectual, social, personal, aesthetic, physical and moral faculties.
  • To provide adequate training in preparation for entry into high standard Colleges and Universities
  • To enable the students to competently hurdle more than the minimum requirements of the Basic Education Curriculum set by the Department of Education or Dep Ed.
  • To develop a deeper sense of nationalism gained thru active involvement in current socio-economic, political, and moral issues in local and global perspective.
  • To offer special educational programs like English proficiency or Computer Literacy courses and similar academic programs in response to the special needs of our students and foreign nationals who need to learn English.
  • To develop the pupils/students’ the love of work in the service of others.