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Specific Objectives

The School education aims to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes, which are basic for personal growth and development. This means basic education that provides literacy, cognitive power, and numerical manipulation and communication skills. It is the hope of S.D.V. that each student:

  • Develops a love for good reading materials, enhancing his / her general knowledge by using books and references in solving problems he / she encounters inside and outside the school.
  • Communicates effectively both in Filipino and in English, orally and in writing, with a certain degree of confidence in expressing ideas, feelings or opinions.
  • Masters the basic mathematical skills and uses his / her computational knowledge to solve problems relevant to present day living. He/she thinks out problems situations, estimates and evaluates solutions based on understanding processes and relationship among processes
  • Helps in the improvement of community living thru active participation in the campaign for increased food production, cleanliness and beautification of surroundings.
  • Enhances his / her aesthetic ability for enjoyment and self-expression, in order to produce good works of art reflecting the school’s main virtues as well as the nation’s cultural heritage.
  • Practices good health habits for physical fitness and vigor and participates in simple sports, practicing at all times sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork.
  • Looks at life realistically and sees himself/herself as an integral part of growing society, he/she understands the current situation of the community where he/she lives and the nation in general and performs his/her responsibilities as a member of different social group such as, school, church, family, neighborhood, and the world.