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Schola De Vita

  • A student who is admitted to Schola de Vita whose admission show a minor yet considerable unsatisfactory behavior is placed under disciplinary probation. This probation is also applicable to old students of Schola de Vita who incur behavior problem from the previous school year.
  • A disciplinary probation form is issued by the Officer of Academic and Disciplinary Affairs (ACAD) and is duly signed by the student and the parents after a certain norm of agreement.
  • A student on Disciplinary probation is encouraged to perform and behave better given all the help and support at a given period of time.
  • A student under disciplinary probation should NOT have any major offenses within the school year. If the student fails to do so he/she will be advised to transfer to another school at the end of the school year.
  • The probation status of a student shall be lifted provided that he/she has NOT been subjected to any disciplinary cases or sanctions.