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Schola De Vita


1st Quarter July – September
2nd Quarter September – November
3rd Quarter December – February
4th Quarter February – April


  • The grading system used by the school is averaging from Grades 1 to 12.
  • In the averaging grading system, the grades from the first to the fourth quarter will be added and divided by 4 to get the final grade.
  • The passing grade is 75%. In no instance will the final grade below 75 be rounded off to 75% and as such will be considered a failing mark.
  • No grade shall fall below sixty-five percent (65%) in any given quarter.
  • A ceiling grade per quarter shall be given.
  • The rating per subject is computed as follows:

FOR K TO 12 Enhanced Basic Education CURRICULUM

For K to 12 Curriculum, the following letter grade system is used: