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Schola De Vita

Creating Lasting Memories with Educational Field Trips

Educational field trips have become a staple of learning for students. They provide an opportunity to learn outside of the traditional classroom, to explore and discover new places, and to create lasting memories with peers and teachers.

After a long hiatus from Covid-19, educational field trips are finally back and Schola de Vita community couldn’t be more excited! Our Scholasian preschoolers had a fun day at Sta. Elena Farm and Dream Lab in Circuit Makati. Indeed, they had the opportunity to experience a full day of learning and exploration.

An Educational Experience beyond the Classroom

Educational field trips are important because they allow children to explore their environment beyond the four walls of their school or home. Visiting places like Sta. Elena Farm offers an interactive approach that lets students observe how things grow while also learning about sustainability. Going to Dream Lab in Circuit Makati allows them to engage in interactive activities related to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

Each place offers something new for our children to learn about.  And with such exploration comes memorable experiences that will leave a mark on their young hearts and minds.


The Benefits of Educational Trip

Beyond just learning about their environment, educational field trips offer many benefits for students’ academic growth as well as personal development such as cognitive development, improved social skills, enhanced problem solving skills, increased confidence levels and improved overall attitude towards learning. By directly experiencing these places first-hand rather than just reading about it or seeing it on screens can help children remember what they have learned better which is why it is so important for kids today to have access to these types of experiences.

Schola de Vita believes that educational field trips are an invaluable part of any student’s education. The school provides opportunities for students to learn beyond the confines of their classroom. These educational trips help foster meaningful relationships among peers and teachers in a safe environment where everyone can enjoy themselves while still learning valuable lessons along the way!


It’s always fun going on an educational field trip with classmates and teachers – playing together, riding the bus together, enjoying activities together — these make the experience memorable! Let us allow our children to explore beyond the four walls of school and home so they can really learn about their community and gain invaluable knowledge that will stay with them forever.

We hope that our preschoolers enjoyed their recent trip and went home with wonderful memories that will stay with them forever!